Nya House

@critical i would not mind giving you admin rights on my test server

@Jain I've never done any admin stuff on pleroma before. This is going to be a good learning opportunity. ablobcatbongo
Just tell me what not to touch blobcatgiggle2

@critical you can do anything, it is a test server. just create an account on nya.house

@critical ok maybe not everything, i would be happy if you activate/unblock people you deactivate/block again... i use this instance if blob.cat is down

@Jain I thought you used fedi.absurtzdau as a backup.
Or you just have multiple backups blobcatgigglesmirk

@critical not always, i like nya.house

@critical is this your account? @critical

@Jain the name is good .

ahem. *clears throat*
"As my first order of business, I will fix the typo in the info page."

@critical imho you wont be able to do that...

@critical @critical you got admin rights now

@critical @critical have you seen the admin-fe icon?

@Jain @critical i'm on mobile. i can't see it

@Jain @critical is it like a speedometer?

@critical @critical in mobile the navigation should show the item administration

@critical @critical in mobile the navigation should show the item administration

@Jain @critical yeah. There are a lot of options there.
I saw that users have some letters next to their names: A, U, a check mark. What are those?

@critical @critical A = Admin, U = Unconfirmed, admin-fe cut text in mobile...
and since the last update (months ago) every new user is confirmed

@Jain @critical thanks.
I'll try it tomorrow on desktop. blobfoxcomputer