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@critical blobcatsad saw that, not nice

@critical bitch that ain't love, that is abuse! kirby_angery

@critical Microsoft is an April fools joke.
But they forgot to tell us.

@critical They never said they loved Linux on the desktop. They love Linux on servers in Azure. Free software is supposed to empower people. For Microsoft, open source is just to empower Microsoft and make more profit.

@critical thinkpads are overrated

@Longplay_Games I don't think they are done with Linux yet. They keep hiring people with Linux backgrounds. Linux is the foundation on which they build their Azure Cloud imho.


You can't get that genie back in the bottle.😂
.NET 6 runs on Linux, MS SQL Server, Teams and much more. And soon systemd_registry and systemd_activedirectory thanks to Poettering. 🤪


@critical Boooo! blobcatpats

@Longplay_Games @datenteiler @critical slapped away their embrace, kicked them in the extend, now for their next lousy attempt at coding in Microsoft Incel...

@critical link to the blog post for convenience https://mjg59.dreamwidth.org/59931.html