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@critical Nyaa!

re: fedi drama, also involving two mutuals woohoo

@Nya Ah, you're one of the instances abusing this covenant to keep federating with shit like kiwifarms.cc. alrighty bye

re: fedi drama, also involving two mutuals woohoo

re: fedi drama, also involving two mutuals woohoo
@kescher Here is Jain, I promise not to bother you further but would like to get rid of something:
> this instance is basically ours but evil and not well-moderated. users interact a lot with shitty users on shitty instances. also, I received a freeze peachy reply and the admin does not care
Perhaps this is because the admins have agreed that respectful interaction is important, but that it is not necessary to agree in every case of every discussion. I personally don't really like sarcasm too but thats a huge difference compared to the accusation that is not well moderated here... The accusation that I did not care about the shitpost from quinn is simply wrong, and for this I have also pointed him out. Besides of that, our Admins has agreed that it is up to the users to block other users if they have a reason for it, and we follow approximately the following procedure:
https://github.com/pixeldesu/fediverse-friendly-moderation-covenant/blob/master/covenant.md And according to those values is a instance block very much unjustified.

If you want to keep the block like this, you are welcome to do so, even if it's a pity because I liked catcatnya, but your statement is far from reality.



comfymelt grillparty, everyone is invited

@slylittlefox i hope you are ok

I am sitting on the train and next to me an old man has unpacked a ukranian map blobcatgoogly glad that i have a phone...

blobcatsmug my neighbors will hate me

@puniko oh i didnt knew that

@puniko i think it was my phone

Looks like blob.cat is down, i dont have access rn, will care as soon as i am home